Design & Technology A Level Exam Information

Course Content

Building upon the strong foundation of GCSE, students stretch their skills and deepen their understanding of design and technology through a wide variety of experiences.

Theoretical content covers a complex range of inter-connected topics including: materials, processes, digital technologies, development of products, hazards and risk assessment, manufacturing industries, the environment, current legislation, information handling and modelling & forward planning.

Sixth Form students are expected to demonstrate a significantly higher level of skill and understanding than that of GCSE, manifesting in the design and development of a sophisticated product prototype in the non-examined assessment unit.

It is expected that students work with a real-world client on the design and development of their product prototype, using their needs and views to inform and guide the design and development process.

Course Structure

The Design and Technology A Level is comprised of two units: a written paper worth 50% of the GCSE and a non-examined assessment worth the remaining 50%. The course will be delivered as a liner, two-year qualification, with assessment in Summer of Year 13.

Entry Requirements

Students should ideally have achieved an 7 or higher in GCSE DT and a 6 or higher in GCSE Maths. Students with grades lower than these requirements will be evaluated for suitability on a case-by-case basis by the Director of Technology.

Reading and Resources

Aside from the official textbook and accompanying digital resources that students are issued with, it is vital that Sixth Form design and technology students demonstrate a broad thirst for learning in the subject area.

There is no better way to remain aware of ongoing developments in the subject area than to read technology-related news on a daily basis, using a wide variety of online outlets.

There is also a wide variety of monthly publications dedicated to the field of design and technology that students are advised to engage with.

Sixth Form students will be issued with recommended reading lists during the course. The department is also equipped with a well-stocked collection of books.

Exam Board: Edexcel