Food Preparation & Nutrition

Pupils develop a knowledge of food science and nutrition alongside practical food preparation skills through exciting and varied lessons that include practical cookery, food science investigations and projects that allow pupils to develop their research, planning, time management and evaluative skills.

The Food Preparation and Nutrition Department has two well equipped food rooms, which are maintained to a high standard.  Equipment and resources are replaced regularly to ensure our students are using the safest, most hygienic and up to date equipment possible.  In 2009, 2011, 2014 and 2016 one student in each year received the highest national GCSE mark.  The Department has won Good Schools Guide Award for the Best Performance by Boys taking Home Economics:  Food at an English Independent School, in five out of the past seven years.

There are numerous co-curricular opportunities for students including a Young Chefs’ Club for Year 8 and 9 student,  an Italian Cookery course and a Christmas club.  The department also runs an annual Future Chef competition for Year 9 students.  For GCSE pupils there are Food Skills Workshops that offer an opportunity to develop more advanced skills.