Geography GCSE Exam Information


Course Content

The Edexcel A specification is designed specifically to be stimulating, imaginative, engaging and relevant to our students, whose adult life will span most of this century. The aim of the course is to give a clear contemporary view of the world in the first part of this century, and to develop ‘awe and wonder’ which will allow students to appreciate fully, and learn from, the world around them.

This specification offers our students an “opportunity to understand more about the world, the challenges it faces and their place within it. The course will deepen understanding of geographical processes, illuminate the impact of change and of complex people-environment interactions, highlight the dynamic links and interrelationships between places and environments at different scales, and develop students’ competence in using a wide range of geographical investigative skills and approaches.”

The course provides an excellent foundation for Geography in the Sixth Form. A consistent number of pupils continue on to study the subject in the Sixth Form and with a good proportion of those going to study Geography at University.

Course Structure

Paper 1: The Physical Environment

Section A – The changing landscapes of the UK
Section B – Weather and hazards and climate change
Section C – Ecosystems, biodiversity and management
Paper 2: The Human Environment

Section A – Changing cities
Section B – Global development
Section C – Resource management
Paper 3: Geographical Investigations: Fieldwork and UK Challenges

Section A – Geographical investigations (physical environments)
Section B – Geographical investigations (human environments)
Section C – UK Challenges

Fieldwork is a vital element of Geography. The new specifications include a requirement to offer fieldwork in ‘two contrasting environments’. There will be an element of write up required following these fieldtrips as the information and skills learnt through these fieldtrips will be assessed in the final examinations.

There is no Controlled Assessment as part of this specification.

Skills and Application

The nature of the specification is such that it gives an opportunity for the development of a wide range of transferrable skills, including:

communication skills
graphical and cartographical skills
technological skills (including ICT and GIS)
interpersonal skills through debate and discussion
literacy and numeracy and
problem solving skills.

Reading and Resources

Due to the nature of the subject reading any broadsheet newspaper will enable geographers to immerse themselves in the world around them and broaden their knowledge of current affairs. Many TV documentaries will also be of great interest. The department subscribes to GeoActive articles and we actively encourage students to read these regularly.

Exam Board: Pearson Edexcel GCSE (9-1) in Geography A