15th Mar

CHS Discovers The Future Of Energy

Year 9 took some time to think about ‘The Future of Energy’ when fuel company Shell visited CHS for a conference in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM).

The lively and informative 3-hour session was held especially for those students considering a career using STEM subjects.

CHS students listened to a keynote speech given by Lisa Lilley who worked for Shell on the Ferrari F1 Team, before they took part in various hands-on tasks around the School.

Split into 5 groups, the students were able to test out the new Oculus Rift virtual reality goggles, watch a 3D printer in action, sit in an eco-car, and attempt the ‘Marshmallow Challenge’ by making towers to hold a marshmallow out of spaghetti.

There was also time to talk with enthusiastic Shell representatives working in different areas of the organisation during a STEM careers session.

Students had chance to win prizes throughout the day for asking thoughtful questions, and participating in various tasks.

The afternoon culminated with a Plenary and Prize Giving session for parents of participating pupils to get a sense of what the exciting day entailed.