Modern Languages GCSE Exam Information



Course Content

To begin (I)GCSE, students must have studied their chosen language(s) through to Year 9.

Students study at least one Modern Language to (I)GCSE and many of our students choose to study two. During the (I)GCSE course students become well equipped for using the language in real situations abroad. They build a strong basis towards fluency together with an increasing grasp of cultures associated with the languages taught.

Topics covered are directly relevant to our students’ own lives and range from “home and family”, “leisure and hobbies”, “education and the world of work” to “region and environment”.

We secure strong results in each language and, subsequently, our students are very well prepared for Pre-U study in one or more languages.


Course Structure

(I)GCSE Modern Languages courses have no coursework and the linear courses assess the four language-learning skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) in a balanced way.


Reading and Resources

The Modern Languages Department houses an extensive library with materials to support extending both language and cultural understanding. Students are encouraged to make use of this resource. The CHS Extension website also shares many ways in which students can develop their learning in languages further, including our range of opportunities to spend time France, German and Spain.

Exam Boards:

French – AQA GCSE

German – Edexcel International GCSE

Spanish – AQA GCSE