Modern Languages A Level Exam Information

Course Content

The aim of the course is to develop the ability to use French, German or Spanish effectively for purposes of practical communication, and to provide the confidence and linguistic skills to understand, discuss and write about contemporary events and issues in the range of countries where the languages are spoken.

A full list of topics areas covered can be found in the Syllabus at this link. The course also aims to provide enjoyment and intellectual stimulation and offers insights into the diverse cultures associated with these languages. The courses foster independent learning and provide an excellent basis for further language study at degree level and beyond.

French, German and Spanish follow the AQA A Level course. We have a range of students doing one language and others doing two. Those doing two benefit from the structure and requirements of the course being the same. A language sits well with any combination of subjects and having a classroom of students bringing insight from the arts, the sciences and the humanities makes for a rich learning environment.

Course Structure

The course will be taught by two teachers and a native speaker Foreign Language Assistant. Students are examined at the end of the two-year course as follows with each paper being worth 25% of the total marks:

  • Paper 1 (Listening, Reading and Translation) (50%)
  • Paper 2 (Writing) (20%) – culture component looking at a set literary text and a film (20%)
  • Paper 3 (Speaking) (30%) – students discuss a stimulus article relating to politics, society, artistic culture or multiculturalism, and students also discuss their chosen research topic set in the cultures and societies of the language studied


Course Requirements

A minimum of grade 7 at IGCSE/GCSE or equivalent is required for this course.


Reading and Resources

The Modern Languages Department houses an extensive library with materials to support extending both language and cultural understanding. Students are encouraged to make use of this resource.

Exam Board: AQA