Fondly Remembered

John Simpson, Class of 1951
Caroline Law née Wrinch, Class of 1987
Elizabeth Bloomer née Gerrard, Class of 1957
Rob Trueblood, Class of 1967
Patricia Gore, Class of 1966
Gillian Fraser née Cohen, Class of 1985
John Burgess, Class of 1966
Lucy Nuttall, Class of 1984
Geoffrey Snowdon, Class of 1951
Jim Carpenter, Class of 1963
Margaret Collett née Royle, Class of 1955
Peter Spiller, Class of 1948
Anne Johnson née Eastwood, Class of 1950
Lindsay Wilson née Hooley, Class of 1978
Jane Ashton, Class of 1994
Caroline Emmons, Class of 1969
Brenda Wetton, Former Staff
Frank Womby, Class pf 1949
Anthony Stimson, Class of 1950

Above are the names of Old Waconians whose deaths we have been informed about since the last issue of The Old Waconian magazine. If you would like to notify us of a death, please email us or call 0161 488 3341.