In Memoriam


Below is a list of Old Waconians whose deaths we have been informed about since the last issue of The Old Waconian magazine.

If you would like to notify us of a death, please email us or call 0161 488 3341.

Paul Abell, Class of 1970
Turaya Awenat, Class of 1994
Eve Brock née Nuttall, Class of 1949
Mike Chambers, served 1997-2015
Carol Clements née Marshall, Class of 1956
Gordon Crosse, Class of 1956
John Crummett, Class of 1951
Raymond Denton, Class of 1957
Bjorn Dockree, Class of 1992
Phillip Edge, Class of 1948 (left 1946)
Marcus Fisher, Class of 2009
Jeremy Fishwick, Class of 1962
Beryl Freer, served 1971-1987
Basil Garratt, Class of 1949
Andrew Gibson, served 2017-2018
Jenny Gillan, Class of 1961
Ruth Green née Read, Class of 1947
Christine (Mary) Jackson née Baldwin, Class of 1951
Rae Kennedy née Westbrook, Class of 1957
Kenneth Leighton, Class of 1953
Alan Lord, Class of 1951
Jackie Nixon née Jones, Class of 1971
Elisabeth Parker, Class of 1973
Jon Richards, Class of 1988
Don Smith, Class of 1948
Sue Snowden née Clifford, Class of 1963
Peter Taylor, Class of 1957
Elizabeth Van Lottum née Percival, Class of 1952, served 1955-57
Dr (George) Peter Walker, Class of 1945
Frank Wetton, served 1953-1992
Michael Williams, Class of 1956
Alan Wooldridge, Class of 1951