In Memoriam


Below is a list of Old Waconians whose deaths we have been informed about since the last issue of The Old Waconian magazine.

If you would like to notify us of a death, please email us or call 0161 488 3341.

Jonathan (Jonty) Adderley, Class of 1982Hilary Allen (née Warman), Class of 1964

Martin Baggott, Class of 1959

Les Clitheroe, Former Staff, 2014-2020

Brian (Frank) Crossley, Class of 1947

John Doxey, Class of 1957

Ann Farrell, Former Staff, 1972-2007

Malcolm Fereday, Class of 1961

Robert (Bobby) Flanagan, Class of 1955

Alan Freeston, Class of 1950

Tom Harker, Former staff, 1957-88

Donald Louden, Class of 1946

Barbara MacDougall (née Hannay), Class of 1943

Jean Moreton, Former Staff, 1960s/70s

Margot Napier (née Chandler), Class of 1971

Pam Nolan (née Greaves), Class of 1953

Colin Pattinson, Class of 1968

Janet Smith, Class of 1971

Carol Stock (née Vincent), Class of 1952 and Former Staff

David Tittle, Class of 1958

John Turnbull, Class of 1956 and Former Staff, 1962-70

John Wild, Class of 1965