Learning Support

We are committed to ensuring that every Waconian succeeds in fulfilling their true potential.


For some, that might mean accessing the resources available in our Learning and Support department, a caring and supportive environment where pupils can access the support they need.

We help any pupil who may be experiencing barriers to their learning and work with them to develop strategies that allow them to access the curriculum equally.

The team works across the Senior School and where appropriate, also works closely with outside agencies. We have a specialist base within the main school building where individuals or small groups of pupils are able to work.

Sixth Form students may access the department’s facilities during their study periods, whilst younger pupils visit on a more peripatetic basis; for instance, they may require a short period of support to overcome a particular aspect of study, or require generalised help with their personal organisation, study and revision skills.

Learning and Support is also accessible at lunch-time and after School.

To find out more about Learning and Support and applying for a place at CHS, please contact our Admissions Team.

For existing families, please contact the Head Of Department via Parent Portal.