Model United Nations Cheadle Hulme School (MUNCH)

MUN provides a unique opportunity for young people to investigate the background to, and origin of, many of the problems and issues in the world today.


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MUN stands for Model United Nations and is a simulation of the work of the United Nations. Pupils form delegations and represent the policies of their given country on such issues as Human Rights violations, the exploitation and use of natural resources, the use of child soldiers, cybersecurity, the reform of the Security Council, and disputes between neighboring countries.

Our pupils can attend up to ten conferences around the country and abroad. Each one requires them to research both their committee’s particular issues as well as the position their country would adopt on that issue. Working independently on their research beforehand and then collaborating effectively in committee, making alliances with other countries and having to compromise their own position, means the students must develop a wide-ranging skill set which will stand them in excellent stead for future life; inquiry, critical thinking, communication, collaboration, the ability to listen to others and be empathic to their views yet still remaining principled, all whilst gaining a deep insight into world affairs and problems and their concomitant solutions.

We host our own conference in October each year, when around 600 pupils from around the country, and occasionally overseas, converge for a weekend of high quality debate, including a crisis about which the delegates have no prior knowledge and have to respond rapidly to an emerging theoretical world problem. A core committee of pupils takes full responsibility for the organization of the conference.

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MUN at CHS supports a charity, The Small Steps Foundation which was set up and run by Old Waconian, Cat Dunlop (Class of 2002).