5 Star Players Selected for County Hockey

Well done to 5 of our hockey players in Year 7 and Year 8 who have been selected to play for county teams.

Holly Russell (Year 7), Freya Rhodes, Daisy Saunders and Layla Jones (Year 8), have been selected to play in the Greater Manchester hockey team. Carys Bastin (Year 8)  has been chosen to play for Cheshire.

It wasn’t easy for our players who were put through a tough selection process. Holly Russell said: “It was hard and I felt a lot of pressure to do well. When I found out I had made the team I was really happy because my hard work had paid off.”

Layla said: “The process is quite long so when I got selected it felt like such a relief.”

Carys says CHS has really helped her to improve: “The extra coaching at School has really helped. I have gained new skills and more confidence.”

Freya added: “It’s nice to play in school with people you know. It means we can improve with less pressure and then go back to our clubs and prove we have been chosen for a reason.”

The girls are excited for new adventures with their new teams. Daisy said: “It will be really good to travel and meet new people. I’m also excited to play with a strong team and build my ability.”

Good luck to all of our Hockey players!