CHS artists wow Community at end of year show

As the Summer term draws to a close, GCSE and A Level Art & Design and Technology pupils welcomed their families to the Art & Design Technology End of Year Exhibition, a culmination of their hard work throughout the year.

Stepping into the exhibition, families were immediately immersed in a world of vibrant creativity, where the corridors and rooms of CHS transformed into galleries, showcasing stunning artwork and innovative design pieces.

However, this year’s exhibition included an exciting twist! The lights dimmed and a surprise flash mob featuring 6 one of a kind outfits created and modelled by Lower Sixth Waconians, began! Using the stairs and corridor as their runway, the group strutted through the crowd and garnered some great reactions.

Waconian and flash mob organiser, Maiya said: “As a part of our arts award, we had to plan an event and we knew we wanted to do something that hasn’t really been done before. We wanted to show the skills the art department has so we knew we wanted to plan an event where we could exhibit the work made by CHS art students but in a new and unique way. We agreed on the idea of a “fashion flash mob” where we would display GCSE and A-Level garments by adding a surprise element for impact.

We chose the annual art exhibition to implement our flash mob into, as it allowed us to show some of the artwork, that would’ve otherwise been exhibited on a mannequin, in a more fun way.”

Flash Mob Manager, Grace added: “My role entailed organising lots of people, ensuring everyone was doing their roles, as well as making sure the day of the event ran smoothly.”  

View the photos from the evening in the media gallery.