A Lesson In Resilience from Pacific Rower Natalia

Year 11 and Year 9 students learned more about the importance of resilience when they were visited by Pacific rower Natalia Cohen.

Talking to the students about her time at sea, rowing as part of the Coxless Crew, Natalia spoke of the importance of team-work and her experiences battling the elements and how it’s important to take on new challenges in order to succeed in achieving your goals.

Hearing how her life’s mantra is to “enjoy the journey”, the students heard how Natalia and her 5 other crew members experienced severe sleep-deprivation and gruelling night-time rowing shifts in order to become the first all-female team and first ever fours boat to row unsupported across the Pacific Ocean – over 9000 miles from San Francisco, USA to Cairns, Australia – in a 29ft ocean rowing boat.

Natalia spoke of how the crew-members swapped stories, shared their daily highlights, sang to each other and recited film scripts to keep each other company throughout the journey.

She advised the students to build their resilience by “always looking for the positive in the toughest of situations.”