Academic Enrichment For All

CHS has introduced a series of ‘Academic Enrichment’ lectures, providing a unique opportunity for all members of the School community to broaden their knowledge and engage in thought provoking discussions, spanning a diverse range of topics.

Held in Holden Hall, the lectures explore a wide range of topics, from Manchester’s Language Diversity, to unravelling the secrets of building a happier society.

The first lecture by CHS English Teacher, Ms Bethan Lewis, ‘Around the world in 80 hospitals’ explored Ms Lewis’ experience of healthcare systems from across the globe and the true value of the National Health Service.

CHS Academic Enrichment Coordinator, Mrs Laura Rossiter said: “It’s important that Academic Enrichment can be enjoyed by all and our new lectures are open to everyone, taking place on an ever-changing day of the week to accommodate people’s busy schedules.

Equally, anyone is welcome to volunteer to host a lecture – the brief is that it should ideally be on a supra-curricular topic to give pupils wider knowledge beyond the curriculum. So far, staff members have chosen to talk about issues they are passionate and knowledgeable about.”