Altruistic Lauren heads to Brazil

Upper Sixth student Lauren Wheeler has been selected to be a youth delegate at the biennial Bayer Youth Ag Summit.  

Lauren is one of three youth delegates who will represent the UK. In November she will be joining representatives from 45 other countries at the Summit in Brazil. They will be tackling the challenge of world hunger, as part of a worldwide mission to end it by 2030.

Lauren said: “I’m really excited! When I saw this opportunity, it looked like an amazing way to get involved with developing ideas that might actually have a positive impact in the future.”

She was one of 3000 applicants and had to make her submission stand out. “I had to pitch an idea to develop during the Summit, which would enable food security in the context of the UN Sustainable Goals.

Mine was to use nutrition education to improve food security in the UK through developing a handful of simple recipes or meal plans which could be taught to all 16-18 year olds. My hope was this education giving people the confidence to cook with sustainably sourced foods we could cut the amount of ultra-processed foods that are imported.”

Although Lauren is nervous about going to Brazil, she is looking forward to meeting her fellow delegates. “It’s a long way to go and I will be one of the youngest delegates there, so there will be a lot of people with more experience and knowledge than me. However it will be great to be able to learn from them and I believe that everyone brings a fresh perspective, so I think all the ideas will be listened to and valued.”

Well done Lauren, we can’t wait to see the great ideas you come up with! To read more about Lauren’s big adventure, visit the blog here.