Ayanna Tackles Important Issues with Powerful Poetry

Student Ayanna’s terrific poetry skills have been highly commended, and have earnt her poem “A Plea From a Cotton Seed” a spot in the Live Canon 2022 Anthology!

The anthology is packed with brilliant writing from children ages 4-17, and showcases the amazing talent these young minds have.

Ayanna’s poem details the importance of reusing and recycling in the clothing industry, and has an extremely powerful message, which is showcased tremendously throughout. Well done Ayanna!

Read the superb poem ->

Ayanna Poetry

“A plea from a cotton seed”


I am a white cotton seed,

I am grown in tropical places

Where I blossom under the sun’s rays.

I ripen and split into a white fluffy orbs,

I am harvested by the hardworking hoards.


I go through the gin, the machine makes a deafening din.

Then my bales go for a spin.

Now I am yarn.


I travel by land, sea and air

Fumes blowing without a care,

Filling the sky with smoke flares.


I am woven and knitted

So that people can be kitted

With jeans, tops and blouses

And curtains for their houses.


They enjoy their clothes and are happy until

Suddenly a new trend kicks in.


Now I am useless and yet still so useful

What can I do?


I can be given away, to make somebody’s day.

I can biodegrade to fertilise new plants,

I can become food for bugs and ants,

I can insulate, keeping heat in and sound out.


Whatever you do with me,

put me into the circular economy.

I have all these dreams to fulfil,

So please never, ever add me to landfill.