Book buying for Junior Librarians

As a reward for all their hard work, the Junior librarians were taken on a trip to Simply Books in Bramhall to enjoy a drink and choose some more books to restock the library.

Infants Deputy Head, Mr Malcolm Johnson, said: “It’s not been easy keeping on top of all the books in the library because it’s been so popular but our librarians have been reliable, hard-working and always enthusiastic about reading!”

Junior Librarian, Mia said: “I loved having this opportunity! We don’t get to go out on a trip like this very often and that made it extra special!

Mia’s classmate and fellow Junior Librarian, Nicole agreed: “It was great to pick out books of our choice, to talk about them and to think just how much other pupils are going enjoy them. The hot chocolate was very nice too!”

Mia and Nicole enjoyed the trip so much that they have written a report which you can read here.