CHS at Manchester Art Fair 2022

CHS pupils are once more displaying their artwork alongside professional artists at Manchester Art Fair!

IMG 7198

The fair is well-known for its brilliant display of work from various styles and artists. Amongst artwork being displayed by professional artists is artwork from CHS pupils!

Located in the left corner of the Fair, the stand is covered from top to bottom with artwork from Senior School and Sixth Form pupils, with one piece dangling from above!

However, Manchester Art Fair isn’t just an exhibition. Some CHS Year 7’s are also taking part in a live workshop at the fair in which they are creating Picasso inspired collages from magazines.

CHS Pupils Milly and Emilia are taking part in the workshop live at the Fair. Let’s hear a bit about what they’re up to…

IMG 7206

“Im creating a collage out of magazine covers to try and create something that looks like a face. First Im sticking all the bits of magazines onto paper, then Im going to draw over them in oil pastels.”

“I wanted to be a part of this workshop because I really enjoy Art and I wanted to see what it would be like.”

“I was a little nervous but it was a really nice environment and everyone was really kind.”

“I wanted to be a part of this workshop because I love art, I love seeing all the different pieces in the exhibition and its a great opportunity.”

The audience are lucky enough to watch some CHS Artists paint live at the fair!

art fair 2

art fair

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