CHS Community takes on the Penguin 100 Classics Challenge

Is your 2024 New Year’s resolution to read more? Join us as the CHS Community take on the Penguin Books 100 Must-Read Classics Challenge.

Curated by Penguin’s book-loving community, the challenge presents a carefully chosen list of 100 timeless novels for those who don’t know where to start when it comes to the classics.

Over 50 members of the CHS Community have enrolled in the challenge, each selecting one or more novels to delve into throughout the academic year.

The challenge spans a diverse range of classics, from timeless tales like Great Expectations and Jane Eyre, to contemporary masterpieces such as Midnight’s Children and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

CHS English Teacher & Future Self Teacher, Miss Bethan Lewis, initiated the competition: “In this digital age, we are in danger of forgetting the huge wealth of enjoyment and knowledge which can be gained from a classic novel. We’re doing this reading challenge to remind ourselves of the pleasure of a great book and share the experience with the whole CHS community. Students, parents and staff can participate through print book, ebook or audiobook and everyone is invited!”

The competition will conclude in June. Why not get involved?