CHS joins the Peace Pole Project

During the Summer Term, Waconians undertook a Co-Curricular activity, painting Peace Poles as part of the Peace Pole Project, led by World Peace.

A Peace Pole is an internationally-recognised symbol of the hopes and dreams of the human race, for peace on Earth. Each Peace Pole bears the messages May Peace Prevail on Earth in different languages on each of its sides, with CHS’s Peace Poles also bearing words such as ‘harmony’, ‘life’, ‘hope’ and ‘mindful’. There are estimated over 250,000 Peace Poles in every country in the world that are dedicated as monuments of peace.

When creating CHS’s Peace Poles, students were encouraged to reflect upon the natural environments of the CHS site, and to create ‘totems’ that explored the symbols and words associated with their thoughts and feelings of these spaces.

Mr Adam Hayley, Head of Art & Design at CHS said: “We see our Peace Poles as a recognition of our wellbeing, and they serve as a visual reminder to look after the wellbeing of ourselves and others.

Take a wander to Broomefield to spot the colourful poles in action!