CHS Three Head for Oxbridge

It’s a journey to Oxbridge for three Upper Sixth students, who have been offered places to study maths, physics, philosophy and languages at the two Russell Group universities.

12 students were invited for interview and 3 offered a place, subject to their A Level results.

Jack Nolan has been offered a place to study Maths at University of Cambridge, he said: “I’ve always liked maths and had great maths teachers at School that have always pushed me to do the best that I can. When I went down to look at Cambridge, I met some of the maths admissions tutors and they were all really kind. I also met up with some Old Wacs that had studied at Cambridge and they said they really enjoyed their experience there.

Offered a place to study Physics and Philosophy at University of Oxford, Head Boy Peter Langton said: “I have always been interested in physics but for me I also wanted to continue doing essay writing, so physics and philosophy was clearly going to be a great choice for me. The course at Oxford is really well integrated between the two as opposed to some of the other universities I have looked at.”

Lucas Newton has been offered a place to study German and Italian ab initio, also at University of Oxford, he said: “I have always liked studying German and I wanted to pick up another language at Oxford. So I read about that and found that Italian is quite interesting in terms of the culture and history. I thought it would be really interesting to pick up a brand new language.

CHS Oxbridge Co-ordinator, Mrs Lisa Barfoot said: “The Oxbridge process becomes more and more competitive every year and this year, once again, there were some excellent candidates who applied. I’d especially like to thank all who supported the candidates by providing some rigorous interview practice.

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