CHS x Madlug: A new collab to make a difference

Did you know that most children in care transport their worldly belongings in a bin bag, losing their dignity in the process?

When CHS heard about Madlug, a Belfast company committed to giving back this sense of integrity to young people in the care system all over the UK, it turned our heads. Once we found out more about their mission and purpose, we knew we had to set up a collaboration with them.

Madlug stands for ‘Make A Difference Luggage’ and that is what founder Dave Linton, a youth worker and serial foster carer, set out to do in 2015. For every bag you buy, Madlug donates another to a young person in care.

CHS was drawn to partnering with Madlug because the social enterprise has values so closely aligned to our own.

Both Madlug and CHS actively work to support children in the care system, Madlug through their buy-one-donate-one business model, and CHS through our Transformational Bursaries. (If you need a recap at how we are changing lives, listen to Elvis, from class of 2021’s inspiring story). 

In 2022, we are supporting Madlug by recommending the purchase of their high quality school bag for all CHS pupils. When you buy a Madlug school bag, the company will donate a bag to a young person in care. Over the summer we’ll be decorating our bag racks with Madlug posters and branding as a sign of our support for their work.

For a final word, over to Madlug founder Dave Linton:

“There are over 90,000 children in care in the UK and Ireland. One child enters the UK care system every 15 minutes. Many are survivors of neglect or abuse. Because children in care aren’t given a voice, the public don’t know about the problems they face every day. Which is why it’s so important that their story is heard.

“Each bag we donate bears a label that says ‘You are incredible’, to remind every child that they have value, worth and dignity.

“We are very grateful to CHS for helping us to bring our message to their families. We encourage you to support us by purchasing a bag so you can appreciate their quality, whilst knowing at the same time you are making a donation to a very good cause.”

Read more about Madlug’s story here.