CHS x StateTalking: opportunities for all

CHS and StateTalking Manchester have joined forces to raise aspirations for local state school pupils – widening the social impact of the CHS community.

This new partnership demonstrates CHS’s continued commitment to making authentic and meaningful contributions beyond the School gates, which align with its core values and founding ethos around social mobility.

Established in 2021, StateTalking connects state schools with relatable role models who inspire and reach young people with messages that resonate. It also aims to broaden horizons whilst opening the eyes of Manchester’s future workforce to what is possible for them in their city. To date, the organisation has worked with over 45 schools, and its network of speakers have delivered talks for over 3500 pupils across Manchester, including those in low-income areas.

The new partnership naturally follows CHS’s ongoing work supporting four partner state primary schools with their curriculum needs. By working with StateTalking CHS aims to further expand this reach to secondary schools. The collaboration will also open up opportunities for parents and friends of CHS to support the initiative by signing up to share their career stories.

In addition to providing talks to support careers and pastoral initiatives, StateTalking is working with five state schools to support them in the development of their alumni networks. As we know from first-hand experience at CHS, the power of an alumni network brings long-lasting benefits to pupils, staff and whole school communities.

Above all, by teaming up with StateTalking CHS is bringing independent and state schools together, fostering an environment of inclusivity and opportunity for every young person in the local community.

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