CHS Young Enterprise team have a clear vision for success

Fed up with your glasses fogging up when wearing a face mask? CHS students have created an eco-friendly solution.

Clarity Facewear is the business and brand created by this year’s CHS Young Enterprise team bidding for success in a UK wide competition. 

The innovative group have focused on solving the problem of glasses steaming up when a face mask is worn by formulating a new type of technology to prevent condensation forming. As well as reducing the discomfort of glass wearers the team are keen to have a positive environmental impact, by making a reusable product and raising awareness about single-use mask pollution.

Commenting on some of the challenges they’ve faced so far as a result of creating a business during a pandemic, they said: “Our team has dedicated hours of hard work into designing multiple blueprints and sketches, but getting our design to the manufacturing stage has been delayed, which in turn has led to financial fragility within the business. We can no longer access traditional loans with speedy delivery and sufficient liquidity, face to face sales are no longer attainable and we weren’t able to take advantage of the many sales that would’ve been made had the Xmas markets taken place. 

Despite these challenges our team has persevered: we have held virtual meetings, multiple testing processes have taken place, and whilst we are disadvantaged as we can’t import products from abroad we have been in contact with UK based manufacturers. Our sales team is also working around the clock to find suitable locations where we can maximise profits.”

Follow their progress online as they work towards getting their product to market: @clarityfacewear (Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook and Twitter).

Watch the team’s very own advert for their new product here.