CHS’s new Mandarin course gives a taste of global language

CHS’s new Mandarin Course will give our students a taste of this global language.

The Mandarin Course will run after school on Thursdays from 7 November.

Fun, interactive sessions will be led by expert tutors from the Confucius Institute at Manchester University. Lessons will include speaking, listening, writing and Chinese culture, but the major focus will be on building basic communication skills.

Students will work towards taking the Youth Chinese Test (YCT) Level 1 by the end of May 2020. To pass the certificate, students will build up a vocabulary of around 80 words and be able to understand and use basic Chinese sentences. We then intend to enable students to build on this firm foundation in future years.

John Wilson, Head of Modern Languages, said: “This new after-school session supports our commitment to offering a modern, relevant and dynamic curriculum.”

“We are helping students to be better equipped for life and to work in a multicultural, global marketplace.”

Lucy Yang, senior language tutor and teaching coordinator at The Confucius Institute said: “There will be a lot of speaking and listening practice, pair work and group work. Interactive and fun activities will cater for different learning styles.”

“We will also use online resources such as Quizlet and Kahoot as well as videos and authentic language and culture materials. Students will find the sessions very engaging and will progress quickly.”

The Confucius Institute is a partnership between The University of Manchester, the Office of Chinese Language Council International (Hanban) and Beijing Normal University.

Over the last decade the Institute has taught thousands of students, built links with over thirty schools in the region and worked with major cultural festivals all over the city of Manchester. They celebrated their tenth anniversary in 2016.