Enterprising win for ECOSIPPIN

UPDATE 04/04/19: Congratulations to our Young Enterprise team EcoSippin – Greater Manchester Final winners! After competing in the regional round at University Campus Oldham, they now head to the NW Final at Lancaster University on Wednesday 08 May. If successful at that event, they’ll represent the NW at the UK Final in London!

Budding young business minds in the Sixth Form have been sucking up their success after winning ‘Best Company’ in the area final of the national Young Enterprise competition for selling reusable straws.

Choosing the name ECOSIPPIN, Year 12 student Dani Kers was elected as Managing Director of the 18-strong team, whose members travelled to hosting school, Cheadle Hulme High School (CHHS), after being selected for their strong individual applications.

Upon brainstorming and researching their ideas, team CHS chose to sell metal straws, reflecting their concern with the increase of throwaway plastics found in the ocean.

One group member was particularly inspired to pitch the product after noticing the popularity of reusable straws whilst on holiday in LA. The team’s research also confirmed that there is not currently a UK business with a strong brand selling such a product.

ECOSIPPIN have now expanded their portfolio of socially-conscious products to include shopping bags and collapsible coffee cups. So far they have made over £1000 profit by selling their products through their website and at various trade fairs.

The team will now progress to the Greater Manchester Final, which will be held at University Campus Oldham on Thursday 28 March.

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