Final Straw for Campaigner Sam

Altruistic Year 7 pupil Sam has been trying to make a difference and help protect the environment by canvassing local businesses to reduce their use of plastic straws.

Speaking to businesses in Bramhall about plastic waste and providing them with alternative options to help reduce straw waste, he has already signed up a number of coffee shops and restaurants as supporters of his campaign.

Concerned about how the straws affect different species of sea creatures including turtles and how they can harm Blue Whales by polluting the mothers’ milk, Sam has also created a ‘Straw Free Bramhall’ Facebook page to keep followers updated with his progress.

Upon its launch, the page attracted worldwide support from overseas including Australia and USA with 5000 views overnight.

“I’d heard on the news and read a lot about how using straws can have a negative impact on the environment so for a while have been saying ‘no straw’ whenever I buy a drink,” Sam explains. “I thought I’d try to make a difference by talking to my friends about it and trying to raise some awareness.”

“I was shocked to read that the very first straw which was ever made still exists on the planet today – it got me thinking.”

“People don’t have to stop using straws, there are lots of environmentally friendly alternatives including bamboo and steel.”

Sam, supported by his mum, has even been visiting businesses during the School holidays to talk to them about their use of plastic straws.

He says that whilst it hasn’t been an easy task, he was happy to learn that many of the business in his local area are already using compostable or paper alternatives.

Of those businesses who only use plastic straws and put them in every drink, many have promised to switch to a ‘straws on request’ policy and think about biodegradable options whilst displaying Sam’s poster.

Sam says he plans to continue spreading the word around local businesses and supports anyone trying to work on a campaign of their own.

“If you want to really do something and you’re passionate about it just go out there and do it… make a difference.”