From CHS Bursary to Cambridge University: Alyssa’s Journey at CHS

Amongst the many celebrations during A Level Result week, we were proud to learn of Head Pupil, Alyssa’s 3 A* and 1 A grade success, which secured her a well-deserved place at Cambridge University.
Alyssa will begin at St John’s College in September to read Human, Social, and Political Sciences.


Joining CHS in Year 7, Alyssa was granted the opportunity of a full bursary, which supported her throughout her time at School. As well as throwing herself into the co-curricular programme, she also turned her experience into an inspiring narrative and regularly shared her experience with parents, alumni and the wider community to highlight the transformative impact of the CHS Bursary Programme.

Alyssa said, “The Bursary Scheme allowed me to access an outstanding education and be in an environment which nurtures academic potential. I am eternally grateful to CHS and the generous donors. I hope to be able to give back to this brilliant initiative in the future, and that my journey inspires many more to support and believe in the boundless potential of young people of all backgrounds.”

Alyssa’s story is just one among numerous successes in her year group. Within the Class of 2023, 13 students in receipt of financial assistance are now heading to top universities on a range of courses including Law at Manchester University, Finance at Newcastle, Medicine at Leeds University and English at Bristol University. 

“Every student, regardless of their background contributes richly to the tapestry of CHS. We are immensely proud to have been a part of their stories and look forward to hearing of their future achievements”. Head, Neil Smith. 


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