Genetics Society Praise Sixth Form Biologist Louis

Upper Sixth student Louis has received ‘an honourable mention’ from the European Society for Human Genetics for his fantastic work on DNA.
Taking part in the organisation’s DNA-Day Essay Writing Contest for secondary school students, Louis was the only entrant in the UK to be recognised – and the only representative from England making it on to the list for a number of years. 
Selected from 244 essays submitted by students from across 21 European countries, Louis’s work entitled ‘CRISPR: Technological Eden or false Utopia?‘ was recognised by 58 leading experts in the field.
As part of his prize, Louis’ work was announced to over 3000 international scientists and doctors attending the European Human Genetics Conference in Copenhagen. It was also published in a book for all those attending the convention.
CHS Head of Biology, Mr Jonathan Hedwat said: “It is a great achievement and high accolade for Louis – he should be really proud.”

cheadle hulme school student louis conducts an experiement in the school lab after being awarded an honorable mention by the european society for human genetics in their school DNA essay writing competition