Hollywood Composer Meets CHS Concert Band

CHS’s Concert Band was in full swing when they were visited by one of Hollywood’s leading composers and arrangers, Mr Stephen Bulla.

Taking time out from recording an album, Stephen visited CHS’s Concert Band during their weekly rehearsal to put around 40 of CHS’s music students through their paces.

Together they practised songs from their repertoire and Stephen offered words of advice on ways to improve their playing.

One of the most influential modern-day composers, Stephen is famed for his work writing scores for many film soundtracks include Star Wars.

He has even served over 35 years in the US Marine Corps (Music Services) as the principle composer to the White House, writing and playing music for a number of US Presidents.

CHS Music Teacher, Mr Adam Hall said: “This is a massive deal and it was a fantastic opportunity for the Concert Band to hear from such an expert of his field, we’re very thankful to Stephen for giving up his valuable time to come to CHS and talk with the students.”