How Secure Is Your Password?

CHS Governor and Old Waconian Martin Tyley gave a talk as part of the Upper Sixth Academic Lecture Series which opened students’ eyes to what it is like to work in the area of cyber security, possible careers in the industry, and how to be more secure online.

Martin left CHS in 1992 to complete a History degree. Following a stint as an English teacher and programmer he moved into the growing area of cyber security and is now KPMG Cyber Security Partner, where he has worked for 20 years. From chocolate manufacturers to football clubs he works with a broad spectrum of organisations to identify where their cyber security is weak and how to improve it.

During the talk students were challenged to test how secure their own online passwords were using the site Everyone was surprised to learn that a long, yet memorable, password was much more secure than one with 8 characters, a capital letter and a number!

Upper Sixth student Rohan found the talk particularly useful, “I have always had a passion for technology so, when I had come across cyber security in my research beforehand, I was enthused that it allowed me to apply my interest into a potential career. The talk was particularly insightful and certainly gave me a much better and broader idea of how I can find out more about the field and ways to get experience.”