Green for Go!

For most of this term, members of the Eco Committee have been busy working on the Eco Action Plan and have already started to make an impact.

During the half term holidays, CHS children were snapped picking up litter and disposing of it appropriately. They even did their bit for the environment when they were on holiday; we have had some very exotic shots of children cleaning up beaches.

Well done to you all!

Responding to children’s suggestions, the Eco Committee have written letters to Mrs Bottoms, Mr Graham (Sodexo), the P.E. staff and CHSPA asking them to do what they can to reduce single use plastic (SUP) in school. They have reinforced their green message by posters around the school.

As a result, CHSPA will no longer give out water bottles and juice cartons on movie nights. The Eco Committee want to extend a hearty green thanks to them.

The Sports’ department have also been receptive to the green message. Mrs Walker and the P.E. staff have been trialling a different approach to snack at fixtures. The aim is to banish SUP by encouraging children to bring a refillable water bottle and to replace biscuits in wrappers with a healthier, biodegradable fruit snack. We are hoping to launch this soon.

Finally, some Year Six children have volunteered to give up part of their lunch break each week to help the local community. Accompanied by a teacher and armed with a litter grabber they will do their bit to help keep our locality clean.

They are CHS Litter Legends!