Junior Athletes Succeed at CHS Schools Quadrathlon

CHS’s Junior athletes took first place in 3 out of the 4 events at the West Area Sports Association (WASA) Quadrathlon.

The first time CHS has hosted four other schools for an athletics competition, each competitor performed a long jump, a vortex howler throw, a 600 metre run and 75 metre sprint.

Trophies and medals were awarded to the winners and runners up with Team CHS taking first place in three of the 4 categories: Year 3 and 4 girls, Year 5and 6 boys and Year 5 and 6 girls.

The achievement follows a recent victory by CHS boys in the WASA cross country league and saw a win for the girls who had previously been runners up.

Junior School P.E Co-ordinator, Mr David Jackson said: “The popularity of the after school athletics club (48 children attend each week) and hard work of the staff and pupils means I have an abundance of highly motivated and skilled athletes to choose from. This is a success for the whole club. I am sure Year 5 and Year 6 will continue their success into the upcoming athletics fixture vs S.G.S. and the A.J.I.S. championships.”

He continued: “The good weather added to the atmosphere with all schools enjoying an experience of supportive competition, wich was supported by some fantastic Year 6 helpers without whom the event would not have been so smoothly run.”