Junior Musicians Have The Feel-Good Factor!

Musicians from Year 3 to Year 6 took to the stage and performed a selection of pieces during CHS’s Junior School Music Festival.

Judged by Senior School Director of Music, Mr Philip Dewhurst, groups of brass players, wind and string instrumentalists, as well as vocalists and pianists confidently performed pieces before an audience of fellow musicians in the Junior School Hall, showcasing all they have learned this term.

As well as individual solos, there were group performances from Cello and String groups with additional percussion elements.

Junior School Head of Music, Miss Emma Boardman said: “It was a great day and the pupils did a fantastic job. After lots of rehearsals it’s so important that they have chance to perform what they’ve been working on and it’s often nerve-wracking so I’m incredibly proud of what they have achieved.”   

Mr Dewhurst said: “It’s been very exciting to give the pupils feedback on their performances and has certainly been a day with the feel-good factor!”