Juniors Have Been Educating their Friends in Class Assemblies

It has been a half term full of amazing class assemblies in the Junior School and the pupils have been teaching their friends everything they’ve been learning.

3C have been looking into ways that they can help with the growing problem of plastic pollution. During their assembly on 17 January the pupils talked about how the problem with plastic began, why it has become worse and the consequences of this pollution for the animals that live in the sea. The pupils highlighted the problem through their own artwork and sang a catchy song called ‘Recycle It!’. The assembly finished with the class talking about the inventions and research that are already taking place but also challenged their audience to put their ‘thinking caps on’ and see what they could do to help.

2H made us all proud on the 24 January when they performed a superb dinosaur/eco assembly. They wowed us with their knowledge about dinosaurs and we were lucky enough to get a visit from Andy the Ankylosaurus and Angela the Allosaurus. Thankfully the allosaurus didn’t manage to get hold of the ankylosaurus although she tried!

The children presented ‘The Dinosaur Rap’ a piece of performance poetry by John Foster with fantastic rhythm and intonation. As the Junior School strives forward with its mission to become more eco-friendly, 2H shared a story they had enjoyed in class called ‘Dinosaurs and all that Rubbish’ by Michael Foreman. The pupils spoke so clearly and confidently and they were able to get across the moral of the story; we all need to look after the planet, as it belongs to everyone.

2H wowed the audience with their freestyle dancing and kept everyone entertained. The class ended on a thought provoking song about global warming. Mrs Nelson said: ”They were brilliant and deserved the huge round of applause that they received for all their hard work.”

2C performed an imaginative assembly on 31 January about how to write a super story. They used Roald Dahl as their inspiration, performed his poems, sung, dance and even gave their parents s cupcake made using one of his revolting recipes! Mrs Beckwith said: “It was brilliant to see the children all in character and enjoying singing their hearts out.”