Meeting of Minds for Junior and Senior Leaders

Councillors from the Junior School and Senior School met for the first time to discuss their roles and responsibilities as student leaders at CHS.

Meeting around a table in the Senior School members of the Sixth Form Council and students from Year 3 to Year 6 sipped orange juice, ate pizza and enjoyed a healthy debate!

An opportunity for the pupils to get to know each other and find about their important work in the School, the Junior School Councillors introduced themselves and spoke about what they have enjoyed doing as part of The Council.

The School Councillors explained their own roles, the initiatives they have been involved with and what they had learned from their leadership experience.

The Juniors were impressed with the responsibility given to CHS’s Senior Councillors and inspired by some of their ideas, such as how to make pupils feel more included, less lonely, healthier and safer.

Year 6 Councillor Holly Russell, Y6 said:  “It was inspiring and interesting to meet the older pupils and find out what they’ve done to improve our school.”