Old Wacs at SACs

During a recent tour of South Africa, by a team of senior Cheshire cricket players, three Old Waconians came across an unexpected reminder of CHS.  

John Burbidge, Class of 1968, has lived in South Africa since 1976. He joined Old Waconians Ian Brown, Class of 1965, and Irene Wilde (née Humphries, sister of Alan), Class of 1970, for the last four days of their tour around the Cape.

They attended a fixture at SACS High School in Newlands, the oldest high school in South Africa, where the host team was captained by former South African Test player, Peter Kirsten.

After the game the Old Wacs were observing some of the memorabilia which adorned the clubhouse. They saw a plaque hanging up which caused them to have a closer look.

John tells us what had caught their eye, “to our amazement, it was indeed CHS who had been on a rugby tour to South Africa and Namibia in 2009 and had visited SACS. Just one of those coincidences associated with sport!”