Our Waconian Wellbeing Week

Our Waconian Wellbeing Week was a huge success in highlighting the importance of physical, social and mental wellbeing across the whole of the CHS Community.

Each day during Waconian Wellbeing Week, pupils were offered a variety of feel-good activities and events before, during and after School.

As so many activities were going on each day, we’ve made this overview, so you don’t miss out on the best bits! Scroll below for a day by day highlights reel of our week.


In the Senior School, Monday’s activities included peaceful music during breakfast in the Dining Hall, meditation guidance and teaching during Lunch time and Kickboxing after School.

For the Junior School, Monday’s activities included mindful colouring, listening to music and short bouts of Yoga!

As well as these activities, the whole CHS Community was encouraged to start lessons and the day with 5 long, calming breaths.


kickboxing 3

kickboxing 1


On Tuesday, activities in the Senior School included Yoga in the Pavilion Dance studios before School, Coding Club during Lunch time and Go Club after School!

Additionally, pupils from various years made time in their lunch hour to sit, relax and practice some mindful origami and bookcraft!

The Junior School has been talking walks around the Green Path and taking a moment to be in nature, as well as having a ‘wellbeing break’ each day where pupils can choose from an array of activities such as mindful colouring, listening to music or mindful breathing.


5H 2



Day 3 of our Waconian Wellbeing Week was a busy one! In the Senior School, activities included a Waconian Walk before School, Latin Scrabble at Lunch Time and Running Club in the Pavilion after School.

In the Junior School, the children had a ‘Waconian morning’ which included First Aid training in Year 6 and a walk through the Green Path for Year 1!


waconian morning


Additionally, in the evening on Wednesday, Dr Chatterjee visited CHS to talk about ‘The Importance of Sleep’. Held in Holden Hall, the talk was insightful and full of great practices which we can incorporate into our lives to better our sleep and overall wellbeing!

chatterjee 2 copyIMG 6620 copy


As well as Thursday being National Poetry Day, it was also ‘Tech-Free Thursday’, meaning the CHS Community was encouraged to limit their tech use and screen time during the day.

In the Senior School, activities included Uniform Yoga before School, Roaming Life Poetry at Lunch time and Swimming after School.

Additionally, Nutritionist Phil Holmes visited CHS throughout the day to chat to pupils in various years about ‘The Importance of Eating Well’. Phil gave advice and guidance to many and later in the evening spoke further about nutrition in the Sixth Form Centre.

IMG 0583

IMG 0596


Friday was not only kindness day at CHS, but it was also World Smile Day! 😃

In the Senior School, activities included A Waconian Walk before School, a Bake Sale at Lunch time and Table tennis after School!

As it was World Smile Day, the CHS Community was encouraged to show some random acts of kindness to make someone smile! This could include spending time with a relative, spending time with someone you haven’t seen in a while or making someone laugh!

IMG 2012

IMG 2023



Waconian Wellbeing Week concluded with the Sponsored Waconian Walk Charity Hike on Sunday. Congratulations to all pupils, parents & pets who showed resilience and altruism by taking part!

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