‘Park and Stride’ is a healthy living hit

As the new school year approaches, we’re urging parents to stop off at the pub every morning and afternoon.

But it’s strictly healthy living on our minds as we launch an expanded Park and Stride scheme. After the success of last term’s pilot project, all parents are now invited to park at the Hesketh pub on Hulme Hall Road rather than dropping off at the School gates. The pub has 30 spaces available for both the morning drop off and afternoon pick up in the hope of easing congestion around the School – as well as encouraging everyone to be a bit more active.

Crossing patrols are in place at Upton Avenue and School Lane to ensure the safety of older students who choose to make the 0.2 mile journey unaccompanied.

Martyn Mancey-Johnson, CHS’s Senior Operations Manager, urges everyone to give it a go, saying: “During the Park and Stride pilot, parents told us that the school run was not only faster, but less stressful.

“I am delighted with the impact of the trial and I look forward to even more people taking advantage of the Park and Stride next year.”

A parent who uses the Park and Stride with their child every day will clock up an extra 136 miles on foot each year.

Kate Evans, marketing manager for Almond Family Pubs, which operates the Hesketh says: “We were very interested to get involved with the scheme and it has worked out really successfully. The times the school use the car park suit our peak trading hours and we love welcoming the local families in after school and at weekend.”