Tree planting underway to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebration


CHS has planted the first 10 of an intended 70 trees to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebration next month. 

The new sapling trees were delivered by the Woodland Trust and form part of The Green Canopy initiative, which aims to highlight the educational aspects of trees and the significance of giving young people access to nature as a way to inspire them as the future custodians of green spaces, forests and woodlands.

The rest of the trees will be planted in several locations around the school site and along the newly created ‘Green Path’ that is being developed behind the Junior School. 

The Green Path forms part of our school-wide Green Plan and represents both the start of a longer Green Journey for the school community, but also brings an immediate benefit of wellbeing, mindfulness, education, health and contribution to the natural world.

Warren James CB CBE DL, our Chief Operating Officer said “we have been delighted to support The Queen’s Green Canopy which is a fantastic initiative that will benefit our communities for generations to come. Our new Green Path is already being enjoyed by our school community and I am continuing to work with our pupils and staff to keep developing and promoting our Green agenda throughout everything we do at CHS”

Deputy Head Boy George and member of our Eco Committee said “The Queen’s Green Canopy has been a wonderful project that students and staff alike have been able to get involved in. Not only has it been an opportunity to celebrate a remarkable milestone for the Queen, but it has coincided with our current “eco-projects”, namely the Green Path project and the Eco Schools Green Flag Award, due to the environmental benefits that trees bring. The new trees, in addition to the Green Path, will also bring benefits to the school community as we will be able to enjoy even more of our beautiful school site. My friends and I have already had the pleasure of walking along the Green Path and I can already see it will be a very popular and welcomed addition to the school”. 


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