Reading Millionaires is a Hit with the Juniors

The Juniors enjoyed a very special assembly launching their new reading blog, ‘Reading Millionaires’ with VIP guests ‘Jeremy Clarkson’ and ‘Chris Tarrant’.

Inspiring pupils to recommend books to their friends, share their love of reading, create new reading lists and generate a book club ethos, the blog allows pupils to write reviews and post comments for their own year group from School.

The pupils have been very excited to publish their first recommendations and read their friends comments; already, the blog is a big hit.

Thea said: “I was really excited in the assembly about the blog. When I started blogging after assembly it was really cool, I love it!”

The blog also works as a competition to see which class are the ‘richest’ readers each week and the ‘Reading Millionaires’ will be announced each half term.

The winners will be rewarded with a magazine subscription of their choice for their class.

Pupil, Ben said: “I am very grateful and happy we have this blogging website now. It’s a new way of sharing and communicating about the books we know and love.”