Reduce, reuse, redecorate!

The 2023 Sixth Form Council are sprucing things up this festive season with the launch of their own ‘Deck the Halls’ competition!

The Eco Committee and Sixth Form Committee have joined up to challenge each Sixth Form Hall to decorate a Christmas tree using only reused, recycled or renewed decorations.

Some created their own tree decorations, whilst others put a CHS spin on decorations used in previous years.

Member of the Sixth Form Eco Committee Samuel said: “Our two main aims are to reduce Christmas decoration waste (most aren’t recyclable – especially tinsel), and to reduce the consumption of new Christmas decorations by asking pupils to consider reducing, reusing, and recycling resources for the competition. 500 tonnes of Christmas lights are discarded every year in the UK, and the vast majority aren’t recycled – similar statistics repeat themselves across the board of Christmas decorations.”

This new competition comes alongside the introduction of ‘living’ Christmas trees to CHS. This means three trees will be growing on site year round which can be put on display for the festive period, and then replanted back onto site.

As well as lasting for years, unlike cut Christmas trees, ‘living’ trees provide the ground with vital ecosystem services and benefits. As Christmas is the time for giving, this includes giving back to our planet.

If you’d like to read more about CHS’s sustainability initiatives, click here.


♫We three Halls of CHS are, bearing old baubles and a bright star, reused and repurposed, recycled and resurfaced, plus lights to be seen afar!♫