Rugby Player Molly Gets Ready for Captain Debut

Year 4 pupil Molly is getting ready to make her debut as Captain of CHS’s U9 boys rugby team ahead of an away fixture against Pownall Hall School.

The only girl on the team, Molly says she is excited for tomorrow’s big game and is ready to take on the challenge and responsibility of her role.

“It’s really good, it used to be that the coach organised everything but it’s the captain’s job to organise the team. I make sure all the players know what to do and what tactics we should use.”

Playing rugby since Year 1, Molly says playing as part of CHS’s U9s has been a fun experience. “It’s good because you get to do tackling in the Under 9s,” she enthuses.

Molly began playing rugby at CHS after her teachers discovered she also plays for Stockport Rugby Club U9s on Sundays. “There are more girls there but it’s still mostly boys who play,” she says. “My teachers invited me to the trials at CHS at first but now I can just take part in the practice sessions.”

Family has been a big influence for Molly, who found her spark for sport after watching her 18-year-old brother play for Stockport. “My dad told me they had an U6s team and asked me if I’d like to play… when I told my brother I had made Captain at School he was like ‘Oh my!’ and really surprised.”

When asked about her favourite sports person, team-player Molly said: “I don’t really watch sport I just enjoy playing it, but I’d say two players who are really good are Will in the Stockport team – he is really fast and always there to pass to – and Jackson at CHS because he just runs and isn’t scared to go forward.”

CHS Junior School teacher and Junior Rugby Coach, Mr Jonny Cartwright said Molly was chosen as captain for because she possessed all the right qualities: “Molly was such a good player in the recent AJIS tournament, but she is also selfless and looks to bring others into the game – not just score every time.”

Giving her advice to fellow aspiring players, Molly said: “I would tell anyone who wants to play rugby to do it; don’t be scared if your friends don’t think it’s cool. Just do what you want and don’t listen to them. I’d also give them some tips for how to play well.”

“To be a rugby player you can’t mind getting a bit muddy,” she says.

cheadle hulme school junior pupil Molly is captain of the U9s boys team and poses with her fellow players in a squad line up on the fields pitches in the rain