SCITT Success At CHS

Congratulations to our group of SCITT trainees who have completed their training and secured Newly Qualified Teacher roles, starting in September. 

The three NMAPS (National Maths and Physics SCITT) trainees, Simon, Suzanne and Shauna will be joining Marple Hall, Kingsway and Laurus Cheadle and our three Modern Languages trainees Josephine, Philippine and Lina will be going on to teach French at Parrs Wood, Didsbury High School and Eden Blackburn.  

When applying for the SCITT, Suzanne said; ‘I wasn’t aware of the SCITT until I started looking into it and applied for a few, CHS was my first interview. After my successful interview I got to attend a first session – I really enjoyed meeting everybody and seeing the school and everything about the SCITT.  That is when I decided to stay.’ Shauna explained; ‘Everybody was really friendly from the beginning, the departments are really nice including the people that do the SCITT together especially the Maths Department’. 

Simon also offered his advice for anyone considering applying for the SCITT in the future; ‘I would say definitely go for the SCITT, I think it is the best way to do it having spoken to people who have done PGCE’s, especially if you are a career changer. Because you get that support on a much smaller level because there are only three or four of us, you get one-to-one chats most of the time, you get training in the schools you have a whole host of maths teachers who can answer your questions.’

Philippine also spoke about her experience on the Modern Languages SCITT;  ‘I knew I would have a specifically tailored course. The support from the hub, the SCITT and the placements schools has been outstanding and it certainly boosted my confidence during my training. Having induction days and the days schools at CHS was very important because everyone on the course knew each other and my fellow trainees in and outside the hub were very supportive and helpful. I now feel like I am ready to teach independently at Didsbury High School where my next adventure will start in September’

The School Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT) started with the NMAPS in 2019 when CHS joined 8 partner schools to deliver practical, school based training that is an employed route to Qualified Teacher Status. The program has grown to incorporate the Modern Languages SCITT, giving graduates or career changes the opportunity to train as a French, German, Spanish or, new for September 2023, Italian teacher. 

SCITT trainees spend the majority of their time at CHS with regular contact with their mentors and weekly academic theory lessons. They also work at a contrasting school to CHS, one of the SCITT partner schools, for six weeks to widen their experience. At the end of the first year of the SCITT, trainees receive Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) and a Postgraduate Certificate of Education (PGCE). 


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Suzann, Simon and Shauna, NAMPS Trainees