Senior students give aid in The Gambia

Altruistic students from the Senior School visited schools in The Gambia, to give supplies and gifts to help their pupils have a better education.

Students from CHS saw first-hand what it was like to go to School in the Gambia and were amazed by the difference to their own experience. 

Throughout the trip the students kept a diary which said: “During this trip our eyes have been opened to how fortunate we are to have access to privileges such as education and clean water.”

Experiencing Gambian culture for the first time, CHS’s students enjoyed meeting local people and getting to know their families.

One Senior Student said: “we were welcomed by some fabulous acting, singing and cultural dancing. It was great to get an insight into the students’ lives… and learn a few moves or two!”

To read CHS’s diary in full, visit the Be Extraordinary blog.