Sixth Form Pupils Choose to Study Across The Pond


Every year, pupils in Year 13 consider their next steps after finishing leaving CHS, whether that be to head off to University, on a gap year or an apprenticeship and this year is no different. 

As well as applying through UCAS to a variety of Universities in the UK, there are always pupils who choose to cast their net wider and go across the pond to apply to Universities in America and this year, Canada. 

Suleiman and Hugh are two pupils who have applied to go to Canadian and US Universities respectively. 

Hugh, who has been at CHS since Junior School, applied to University of Florida, Penn State and accepted his offer from University of South Carolina to study International Business.

Hugh is currently studying for his A Levels in Maths, Business and Psychology and has always wanted to go to University in America. He plans on taking a year out before starting his Freshman year at the University of South Carolina. 

Suleiman decided to apply further north and made the decision to apply to Universities in Canada.

Suleiman is from Vancouver Canada and joined CHS in Year 7. He applied to University of Toronto to study either Life Science at St George Campus or Life Science at Mississauga Campus, University of Western Ontario to study Medical Science and McMaster University Toronto to study either Health Sciences or Integrated Science. 

Suleiman is currently studying Physics, Maths, Biology and Chemistry and knew he wanted to go back to Canada. He chose to study Health Science at McMaster University in Toronto as his first choice and Life Science at McMaster as his insurance. He chose Toronto because it is the perfect blend of Manchester and Canada and he cannot wait to start his studies there in September.

Hugh and Suleiman have worked incredibly hard over their time at CHS, something that we are sure will continue when they fly across the Atlantic Ocean. Good Luck!

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