Sports round-up: Spring Term 2021

Even during this period of remote learning, CHS’s Sporting success continues, wherever our pupils might find themselves taking part in their weekly athletic activities: check out all the latest stories and Sporting highlights from the 2021 Spring term so far…

19 March 2021

BTEC Success

Our Year 13 students studying their BTEC Level 3 National Extended Diploma had fantastic news this week as they achieved Distinctions in their external January exams. This level of grade is the equivalent of 3x A’s at A Level and is a deserved reward for these students and their engagement with the remote learning environment as well as their lessons on site. Assistant Director of Sport, Mr Heagerty enthused, “Given the challenges over the past 12 months, these results are a reflection of the hard work and focus the pupils have shown.”

12 March 2021

CHS Cricketers return to the nets

It’s been long overdue, but despite the weather, our U12s finally had their first CHS Cricket net session this week. We’re thrilled with their endeavour and resilience. They will be continuing learning the 2021 theme ‘Dot Balls Are Crucial’ next week… indoors!

CHS Netball Coach’s Thunderous Promotion

Exciting news this week! Mrs Palmer, CHS Netball Coach has become the Pathway Head Coach at Manchester Thunder.

This coincides with the return to netball at CHS, with a focus during Games lessons on learning through playing games and testing existing playing styles and ideologies. CHS Director of Sport, Mr Higgins said: “I’ve thoroughly enjoyed coaching netball this week with our team of inspiring coaches.  It’s a great, fast-paced sport and I’m excited about where we can go.”

5 March 2021

Staff expertise in the Strength & Conditioning Department

CHS Strength & Conditioning Coach Miss Calderbank has had some great news this week; she received the completion certificate for her MSc in Sports Science: Strength and Conditioning with Distinction!

After the recent publication of her undergraduate dissertation Association of Jumping Ability and Maximum Strength With Dive Distance in Swimmers in the International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, she is now in the process of publishing two Masters’ assignments (including her Masters dissertation).

She said: “My master’s degree was funded by Sale Sharks Rugby Club where my work focused on ‘how sprint mechanics in rugby players differ to that of track and field athletes.’ Across the year, I worked alongside practitioners at Sale Sharks to develop a sprinting technical model specifically for rugby players, ultimately to assist practitioners and athletes with their practices.”

25 February 2021

Wac Attack gets athletic

Three weeks before Half Term the House System launched ‘Wac Attack’ to encourage pupils in each House to compete against each other and have some much needed respite from a screen.

Many challenges fall into the ‘Active’ category and the Heads of House were impressed with the effort and interest generated by pupils in their bid to complete the various sporting tasks.

One hotly contested area was attempting 10,000 steps a day for 7 continuous days. Another was the 1km vertical climb which involved 203 ‘up and downs’ of an average staircase.

We will have pupils with abs of steel due to their diligence of holding the plank every day for a week (to clarify, they weren’t holding the plank for the entire day!)

Highly creative obstacle courses were designed and executed to show wide ranging skills from football to netball, alongside some beautiful, creative dance and gymnastic routines.

Mr Clinton said: “Thanks to all those who took part, showing off ‘sporting aptitude’ and making both the House System and the PE department proud of you.”

10 February 2021

PE Sessions are a HIIT

CHS Students have been collaborating online to create their own HIIT workouts during PE this week. Dylan from Year 7 won the Most Motivated Student award and many others enjoyed exercising with their peers. Mr Clinton said: “We’re delighted to see so many students staying active and making the best of the current situation!”

04 February 2021

Tokyo Here We Come?!

CHS Sport are delighted to report Year 11 Swimmers, Beth & Jacob, have been selected for the Olympic Trials Qualifiers. Both swim at Stockport Metro and they’ll be joined at the trials by Ashley in Year 12, who swims at Altrincham.

This is a very exciting time for these young athletes and everybody in the CHS Sport department is very proud of them and wishes them good luck when they can get back in the water!

28 January 2021

Are they Allen Students, or are they Jumping Beans?

Year 7 students have been competing in a House Jumping competition during remote PE lessons, and you’ll all be excited to know the results are in!  Mrs Patrick has tallied up the results and here are the scores on the doors…

The Broad Jump challenge; the collective distance of each House was:

  1. Allen = 57.68m (approx. distance of 2 1/2 tennis courts)
  2. Marsh = 47.76m
  3. Clarke = 38.61m
  4. Whitehead = 35.04m

The Vertical Jump challenge:

  1. Allen = 20.12m (approx. height of 4 1/2 double-decker buses)
  2. Marsh = 15.90m
  3. Whitehead = 15.07m
  4. Clarke = 12.15m

The individual awards for best combined jumps went to Isabelle Stubbins and Olly Mills; well done!

CHS Sport and Staffordshire University Partnership

CHS Sport’s relationship with Staffordshire University continues to grow as we welcomed two of their final year students to work with our Year 12 Sports Pathway pupils. Over a 12-week programme, the Staffordshire students will deliver tactical, technical, psychological and physical sessions remotely to our students.  In return, CHS Sports staff will help mentor the University Students and encourage them to stretch our students whilst developing their own coaching skills.

21 January 2021

CHS Sport at home

Sixth Form students on the Elite Sport Pathway have been attending live workouts and uploading videos of their home based gym sessions for tailored feedback.

Strength & Conditioning Coach Miss Calderbank has provided them with individualised programmes depending on the equipment they have at home and reviews their videos to help them with their technique. She commented: “ESP students have been winning the disruption to training! The extra time we now have has allowed us to continue to work on our strengths and also work on things we wouldn’t usually get time to work on in our typical school week. ESP students are turning their strengths into super strengths, which is fantastic.”

In addition, Miss Calderbank and fellow S&C Coach, Mr Norman, are busy uploading daily fitness sessions for all CHS Students – and anyone else who wants to give them a go! These can be found on the Co-Curricular section of the Students Site under ‘Sport’, or by visiting the playlist on CHS’s YouTube channel. Move over Joe Wicks!

15 January 2021

Remote Rugby Coaching

Rugby students in Year 12 and Year 11 will be taking the opportunity over this lockdown period to extend their rugby knowledge by studying towards the England Rugby Coaching Award with the Rugby Football Union. The course will be initially web based before two face to face days over the summer months. 

Mr Groves continues to develop his already impressive resume. He said: “This term, I will be embarking on my RFU Level 4 coaching qualification, coinciding with my Masters research. I want to enhance my practice, knowledge and understanding of Rugby at all levels of development up to elite levels, offering students a high level of expertise in their experience. The course will combine many elements I have experienced in my Masters research, gaining further understanding of athlete development aspects such as skill acquisition, tactical knowledge and understanding, psychology, and talent identification.”