Success for Team Go!

Well done to team CHS for becoming the top British School Go team by having the largest team at the British Youth Go Championships and winning the Castledine Trophy. The 19-strong team came top of 16 schools when they beat Sir John Lawes School and James Gillespie’s high School.

A special well done to Ben Levy who won all five of his games, making him the Beginners Champion.

This term has been full of Go success. Back in September Amy Upton became the UK’s strongest girl player and made it on to the UK Go team.  In November Sam Barnett became CHS’s strongest player reaching 10-kyu in just 9 months training.

We hope this success continues for the Go team as they travel down to London on 28 December to compete in the 4 Day London Open. The event attracts the strongest players from Europe and Asia.

Go team Go!