Top Results for GCSE Students

CHS’s GCSE students are celebrating an outstanding 100% pass rate – for another consecutive year.
Topping the results table, Rachel Prince, Adam Wolowczyk and Raphael McMahon led the way receiving 11 A^ – A*s each (A^ is higher than A*).
Rachel who received 11x A^-A* grades and studied Greek as an extra subject outside of her timetabled lessons in School said: “I’m really pleased and excited about starting my A Levels at CHS. If I could tell any students preparing for their GCSEs anything I’d say, don’t stress and just do the revision.”
Adam, recent recipient of CHS’s Peter Bullock Award Physics prize, is celebrating his success with twin-sister Alina Wolowczyk (who received 9x A*, A^ and an A and said: “I was really surprised as I actually did better than I did in my mocks”). Adam said his results have helped bring him closer to achieving his ultimate goal of studying Medicine at university and that he and his sister helped each other with their Maths and Science homework if they got stuck. “I think I just did what I needed to do and am pleased I can stay at CHS into the Sixth Form; I didn’t want to apply anywhere else.”
Head, Lucy Pearson said: “Our students have worked incredibly hard and they can be really proud of their GCSE results which show that hard work does pay off. I’m extremely pleased at their successes which have come through dedicated academic study, and congratulate them for maintaining impressive commitments to sport, music, drama, community service and so much more besides. They have done themselves proud and can be really excited about the next stage of their education.”
88.5% of students received grades A*-B; 8 were awarded an impressive 10x A*s or higher, with over 10% students achieving 9x A* or higher.
Receiving 10x A*s, Sarah Belfield, who is also celebrating and plans to continue her education in the Sixth Form at CHS, said: “I’d hoped to have done well but didn’t expect to do quite as well as I did… you do have to revise hard but it was worth it.”
Achieving 10x A*s Harrison Burnett is keen on sciences but says he is still deciding which career path he’d like to take: “I’m pleased with my results but was shocked I did so well… at the moment I’m considering a career in geophysics though there’s still time for that to change.”
Raphael McMahon’s 11x A*s includes 3xA*s in each of his languages subjects – Spanish and Italian, plus full marks in German. Whilst he has also seen success in the swimming pool as a swimmer, he says he is hoping to pursue a History-related career and advised those about to do their GCSEs: “don’t fret if you don’t get what you hoped for in your mocks.”
Also keen on languages and receiving 10x A*s, Izzy Pilling was pleased with her results, she said: “I’m really happy, I guess I picked the right subjects for me like French, I enjoy languages so making the right choice was important.”
Further high fliers achieving top marks include Nathan Fields and Phoebe Potts (who received 100% in her English Literature exam), both receiving 10x A*s each whilst Lily Danson, Jason Brown, Hannah Darwent and Libby Dolling all received 9x A*s or higher.
The English Department also had impressive results; Tom Scott received an A* in his English Language exam, achieving full marks and Oliver Leach received 100% in both his English Literature exam and coursework.
Also celebrating high scores, 100% Music students achieved grades A*-B, as did 100% of students taking Computer Science. Further Maths also saw continued success with 92% students achieving grades A^-A.
PHOTO CREDIT: Mark Tattersall

year 11 Students at cheadle hulme school wave green and yellow ribbons in celebration of their GCSE exam results success 2017