Un voyage á Paris!

Year 11 and Sixth Form pupils spent last week having tons of fun in Paris, France experiencing a variety of activities such as visiting a French Lycee, touring the Catacombs and taking part in a pasta restaurant demo!


Don’t take it from us though, listen to what pupils say their favourite memories from the trip are…


“My favourite memory is running up L’Arc de Triomphe in order to see the Eiffel Tower sparkle. When we made it to the top, we took photos and reminisced on our trip so far. This is my favourite memory because it demonstrated the bond we had all made over the past few days.”


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“Favourites were the chaotic moments – running up Arc de Triomphe etc.”



“There were so many memories made, but I think what has to be my most memorable are absolutely legging it up those Arc de Triomphe stairs (while completing disregarding anyone / anything that fell behind), enjoying the view of the Eiffel Tower, getting trapped in the metro doors and getting split up, the exchanges and conversations about hilarious stories from back in school, indulging just a bit more into the French culture, making new friends, and of course, the company of the teachers.”



“Being on top of the Arc de Triomph, running to get there, getting the metro in general, walking through the big Parisian streets in the dark with very slight rain, being on a talk with Upper Sixth at the creperie because they’re really funny, eating out in general and getting to talk to people I haven’t necessarily talked to before. I also loved bonding more with my teachers. the photography task led to some really really funny moments, I loved that it was such a small group and that we had so much time to just talk to each other and spend time together.”



“My favourite memory of the trop was seeing Paris at night on the Arc de Triomph and I also loved shopping at the gallery Lafeyette and the past at the pasta restaurant.”



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