Who is the Greatest Mancunian Icon?

This week Year 7 are completing a thinking skills project where they will have to present their debate on who is the Greatest Mancunian Icon.

They will research their Icon and create a project that will prove that their chosen person is the Greatest Mancunian Icon.

The chosen Icon could be for any reason; perhaps their contribution to the music and entertainment of Manchester, maybe they have done something great for the environment or society, they could be a sports star, scientist, politician or even someone who has done great things for charity. It is up to the students to carefully decide who deserves the title and why.

The students must answer three questions in their project:

  1. How did your chosen person become involved in their chosen field?
  2. What has your chosen person achieved in the field, and why can this be considered outstanding?
  3. What are the personal qualities that have enabled your chosen person to become truly outstanding?

We are looking forward to seeing what who our students will crown the Greatest Mancunian Icon. The winners will be announced at the end of year assembly.